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Well well, they APPARENTLY attempted to deliver my package today as of 11:56 per update on their app. I'm not even going to get into how long the postal service has taken, I've had EMS packages delivered faster than mail within Ontario.
Here's what grinds my gears (pun intended):
Three of us were available today, between the hours of 0900 to 1240, the phone never rang, entry code description and number on package if required, I believe in making life easy; 1240 wife is on the way to work, I have time off, hence I emerge at 1240 for a smoke on the patio, I look around I see postie walking around delivering a parcel on the third floor, I am on the seventh, we have outside corridors. I see that postie has the gray bucket with another parcel, so while I smoke I keep an ear out for the phone, no ring; I check app, it says delivery was attempted (!?!?!?!?) and blah blah blah where they're sending to this post office and blah blah leaving note, hence I think whatever, I'll just go downstairs for the freaking note and I'll just waste my time and go pick up my fucking package.... No note, now how do I claim package? I'm going to let my wife do it, someones going to be torn a new one and will be bawling in tears on the Canada posts side... She does retail and customer service, she's got a lot of anger to unload... Yes package was insured.
I am currently considering other options to use for packages any ideas would be great! I much rather spend my money on a service that appreciates my business, as it is very evident that Canada post doesn't.
Question: Why isn't a class action suit or similar action brought up against Canada Post for things like this? I mean based on the experiences noted in this thread alone must be enough gunpowder for the legal cannon, or am I missing something here?
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