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Originally Posted by AoiShikaku View Post
Have fun buddy.. hope you are willing to dish out that kinda cash.

Here is my setup and you don't have to follow everything to detail, but will give you an idea of parts you'll be needing to pick up:

Well/TSD L96
- PDI 6.01 APS2 Type 96 inner barrel 495mm
- Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel 505mm (Alternative barrel depending on the field)
- 7x PDI inner barrel spacers (not necessary, but reduces barrel vibration)
- PDI hop up chamber
- Prometheus bucking
- PDI End Screw
- Laylax Type 96 Zero Trigger
- PDI Suppressor/Silencer Attachment (not necessary if you are not going to use a suppressor)
- PDI Black flat end barrel
- PDI Type 96 Palsonite Cylinder Set Vacuum Chamber
- PDI 120, 130, 180, and 210 Springs (I use the 180 the most [shy of 400 FPS]. I just keep the rest depending on the field)

Scopes, Bipod, sound proofing, sling, suppressor, etc. are all extra shit and is dependent on what you want to do with your gun. I'll leave that up to you to decide because everyone has their own personal preference.

So basically it isnt even a WELL/TSD anymore
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