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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
QFT. I have seen m14's out range VSR's and again if you miss you got another round coming right after it.
M4's are notorious for not being good range/accuracy platforms. Many AEG's can be on par with a fully upgraded M4's range and accuracy with minimal upgrades; IE M14, AUG, G3, AK
However that being said, I got my M4 to shoot pretty damn far, not as accurately as a VSR, but about 20ft short.

Your biggest factor on range and accuracy is going to be your gunsmith.

FPS means extremely little in the ways of range, but for best accuracy stick to 440fps and .30g BBs

If your going pro-sniper, go bolt action springer or go home. Nothing is as reliable or accurate as a finely tuned bolt action springer rifle.
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