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Originally Posted by D-BOMB View Post
the lost my package from Huang
You gotta buy insurance, ALWAYS, the Douchebags at CP can get confused, most of the time,

when you have insurance, they take care of the package, otherwise they are screwed, that's why when I send a gun that's worth 300 $, I buy 300$ of insurance, it's just a few $$$ more, but you're safe !

There's another thing that Wasn't mentioned here, but at my local post office, the "Mail Guy" is always in a bad mood and always kinda angry, looks at you like you were stealing his office, he even, one time, refused that I have signature delivery for a package that was gonna be sent in Ontario, he said it wasn't available there, even though the member that I was sending it to received packages previously with Signature delivery !

I hate Canada Post for sure !
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