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From what I understand, this is probably going to be your first real investment in airsoft.

While the RS SVD is a great gun, its quite expensive, and i'm sure you're under the illusion that a 'sniper rifle' will be accurate out of the box, and require few upgrades... Normally, thats simply not the case.

The RS SVD is an AEG, but a sniper rifle is a sniper rifle. As a first gun they're not really recommended. And compared to an AEG there is very little difference between the two in stock form, and sometimes even in upgraded standards. With two stock guns side by side, a sniper rifle and an AEG, the only difference really is that the AEG can volley many more rounds down range, there is no difference in accuracy or much else... (And in the case of clone sniper rifles, which I suspect you're looking to buy. They will easily begin to break and fail, there is a thread in the doctors corner about some kid complaining about his buggered TSD VSR.)

Seeing how you've been using clearsoft (Probably some Walmart gun) you haven't been able to experience what a real AEG can acheive.

Start off slow and get an AEG, there are many options to choose from through verification, and through more experience you can pick up a sniper rifle further down the road. A lot of people aren't comfortable with a newbie running around with a hot firing rifle as it can be potentially dangerous. Feeling out for MED (Minimum engagement ranges) and the such are pretty important.

Now, you can either ignore this and buy your rifle or buy the AEG, just a suggestion overall.
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