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Smile Whats a good sniper? with good UG's?

Hey guys I'm sarge, I'm new on these forums.

Anyways I'm a sniper for my team ODIN.
I've been using a basic see through Airsoft rifle. the little cheap kinds, now I'm looking for a bit of a punch.
I'm looking for a good Sniper Rifle, With decent upgrades. I've been debating if i should go with a VSR but then the L96 competes with it... my friends say the SVD has decent FPS, and little UG's. But from there experiences with other players the L96 is common in today's field.. I want something MORE!

So im gonna need help from fellow Snipers. This is after all my first real airsoft gun! I need to take my time on it, as it requires a lot of Money

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