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SO im ready to turn 18.

As you may know im 16 so no airsoft for me.
But i do have paintball so heres what i got.
This will all be transfered over to airsoft/firearms when i turn 18/19/20 +
Tippmann A5 with the 416 shroud modded
Squishies ^^
Milsig A5 MATS with a ninja 13/3000
RS Aimpoint M2 in a LaRue LT-150 Mount
RS Surefire M600c on a Yankee Hill Machine 45 degree offset mount
KAC Rear 600m flip up and front flip up
BT Apex-2 and RAP4 Recon barrel (8 inch) and Milsig 10 inch barrel.
RS Magpul RSA sling mount
RS Magpul MS2 sling
RS Magpul RVG
RS Magpul magpul lol
RS Magpul XTMs
Killjoy Trigger

Anyway here are the pics.

Cant wait to game with some of you!
Pedobear Costa.
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