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The meeting is over. My uninon told me that sueing was a very bad idea, that it would cost me a lot and will make this case go on forever because, for my union, my workplace has a responsability vs their workers to assure their protection in that kind of case. They told me that Dawson school was blamed not to take seriously the rumors a first and doing nothing about it. My workplace did the contrary.

The meetin was very neutral. They said that the psy said that I was not a danger to anyone so that I could go back to work wensday (my next schedule). I ask them what they were doing about all the stress I was under since my arrestation. They told me that they did informed the cops but what the cops did after was their responsability, not the one of the hospital so they suggest to go see a doc. I will, post traumic stress.

So this is it. I can do all the videos I want again. I wont, but it's my personnal choice now. They told that for my own well being to be discret and not to trust everyone that I talk with. So thanks all for your support, it was very appreciated!
Before you decide not to litigate I seriously suggest contacting free legal council outside of your union. Its sounds like your union rep thinks this is more trouble than it is worth, but they could just be lazy. You can get free legal advice and then decide what to do, don't let the union dictake what you should do. You owe it to yourself to consider all your options even if you decide not to sue. This does not have to be an overnight decision.

Take your time and get informed, then make the choice that's best for you.
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