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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
The meeting is over. My uninon told me that sueing was a very bad idea, that it would cost me a lot and will make this case go on forever because, for my union, my workplace has a responsability vs their workers to assure their protection in that kind of case. They told me that Dawson school was blamed not to take seriously the rumors a first and doing nothing about it. My workplace did the contrary.
Fair enough. Cool heads always prevail although I was telling you not to sue them because you don't want to be "that asshole" that breaks into someones house and because you fall down the stairs sue the homeowners for lack of a better analogy (I know you didn't do anything wrong though...).

I guess the climatic nature of relatively recent events could affect others decisions but that's more of a reactive response than a proactive response. (ie. soccer mom knee jerk reaction or "crossing the bridge once you get to it" vs. proactively seeking out problems and responding to them immediately). Good on your boss to "proactively" do things but he probably could have dealt with it more discreetly and ask you to go to a qualified shrink and after that make a decision to involve the police.

In the end if you really think about it this is a totally different response to being passive and not doing anything then having a bunch of dead people on your hands a week later, at least hopefully your superiors have learned something and can modify their SOP's when dealing with people they suspect of being "depressed".
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