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KINGSTON situation

Good day,

I just wanna post up the current situation with Bronson and Bronson Paintball. Their insurance company has told them that all guns on the field must have a 300fps velocity MAX and full face mask protection is required (he didnt specify paintball lenses but I am assuming he wants that too).

Here is what he emailed me,

Hey Derek:

Sorry, I forgot to get back to you... but I just checked your last e-mail and you were talking about the FPS of the guns...

You probably know a lot more about the airsoft then I know, but for the paintball the field regulates at 300 fps rule....what you are saying about the physical size and impact on the bb's, makes sense.

I'll be at a trade show all of next week, with every airsoft company in the world, I'll ask them so I can get an exact ruling on it.

We're planning on getting BIG-TIME into airsoft this year, so we just want to get our facts all right before we get to carried away.

I'll shoot you an e-mail when I get back.

Thanks for your patience.


It seems as if he really wants our business so here is my plan:

I think he will accommodate with the restrictions, but it will be a little while. The field fees are decent and will be better if I can manage to get players from neighboring cities in. What I would like to do is find a place, in the meantime, where we can play at. This will give us a better idea of the surrounding fields so we can sort of decide where we like to play better.

I really like the location of B&B but it is a little small, and if we want to hold bigger games we will most likely need a bigger space.

Anyway, if you know somewhere we could get together and have a few matches please let me know. Ill keep you all posted on the situation and I am going to be in touch with Tom as soon as he gets back.

Your thoughts are much appreciated and Greewolf RESPOND TO MY PMS if you want to help me you gotta be on the ball buddy

Post your thoughts here!



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