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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Trust me, it will not end well in the public eyes.

You can just imagine it right now:

Youtube gunman sued by employer

In the article there will be a screenshot of Sim with his stone faced moment.

The public will then realize how much of a "terror" Sim was, and how unrighteous it was for him to have gotten off "scott-free"

Remember, whatever the outcome of the trial, the media gets to write the article, not you or the winner. And the media writes whatever gets the reader's attention.
Alas Skladfin, you are right... The media is what got us gun enthusiasts in this hot water that we are in to begin with... When does it end? Where are the so called democratic rights? It seems to me that every day, we lose a little bit more freedom.
I turned back to airsoft as a hobby as RC aircraft (non foam types) were becoming less and less welcome at once legal sites, and now even this hobby is in danger. But yet drinking is still legal and drinking and driving seems to have a less of a consequence if caught by police than owning a toy gun (I shuddered when I wrote the word toy)...
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