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All I can say is WoW.

I now understand why people hate Facebook, YouTube and any of and all of these sites, and those that use them will always blur our their face.

I am still NEW to this sport, so new that I have yet to buy my first AirSoft gun. And after reading this it really does leave alot to wonder about.
All it would take is for one person anywhere at work (there are about 2600 of them) or on my street to not like me for any reason and I could be sitting in Jail for the night.

They took everything from you, and from what I can tell they did it basically over night. That being said it did not give them any time to make any justified conclusions as to what your mental state was.
You really have to take this to the next step, for you and everyone else. If this had happened to me I would not be able to go back to work there, knowing that this happened. I would not be able to let this slide.
You spent a night in JAIL, yes JAIL. that is something that no one should have to go through unless your a criminal. I know the cops where just doing thier jobs, and for that yes I would not be totaly upset, but the fact that it got to that point is where the problem lies.

If all it took is a simple Video, even just one frame of that video to start all this, what would have happened if someone had seen this in real life.

I remember a time many years ago, a friend of mine had a GUN LIGHTER, Yup thats right, he pulled it out in a coffee shop and before you knew it SWAT was there. (Now picture these lighters they are not very big at all) Now if he happened to have lets say an M4 or even a Glock and pulled it out in front of a window, what would have happened then?

I really hope you get your gun back, and at least consider going for compensation, I would not want to return to that work place, the stress of the environment will worse, and it will not get better with time.
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