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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Thank you. Great advices. I already have the number of "Le barreau du Québec". I decided to pull back a little this weekend and try to change my mind a little bit. Also I have a reunion with my union rep monday just before we go to the other "reunion" with the hospital admnisitrator. I already have in mind what I lost up to date (Integrity, reputation, physical and mental healt, a 2000$ good, my right to have a PAL etc.). Sure I can probably get my M14 back, but until it is in front of my eyes I decided to count it as a lost. I can't trust completly the system about "having it the next week". But I'll decide everything with the monday reunion. I already have the "I'm actualy looking for a lawer to sue to get compensation" card and argument since it's true anyway. I'll keep you guys informed!
I have been reading your thread since your first post... First off, I want you to know that I am stunned by the way you have been treated. It's sad to see how bad this fear of guns has gotten. Please understand that I am of the opinion that you are taking this very lightly. You have a future beyond this troubled period, and that's called your future, just being involved in what you are in can destroy your future and put a full stop on your career in anything. All the things that you have lost, are losing and will lose add up to more than you know. If you must sue, do it right, I have a feeling your case might end up as a possible landmark or precedent. I hope everything works out for you, je vous souhait bonne chance le!
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