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Thank you. Great advices. I already have the number of "Le barreau du Québec". I decided to pull back a little this weekend and try to change my mind a little bit. Also I have a reunion with my union rep monday just before we go to the other "reunion" with the hospital admnisitrator. I already have in mind what I lost up to date (Integrity, reputation, physical and mental healt, a 2000$ good, my right to have a PAL etc.). Sure I can probably get my M14 back, but until it is in front of my eyes I decided to count it as a lost. I can't trust completly the system about "having it the next week". But I'll decide everything with the monday reunion. I already have the "I'm actualy looking for a lawer to sue to get compensation" card and argument since it's true anyway. I'll keep you guys informed!
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