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Hmm I wonder if there are any hunters on the hospital staff, I can see it now:
Employee: Boss, while wasting the taxe payers money on the Internet, I saw a video of Robert on Youtube, he killed bamby with a gun and then (sobing) he used a big knife to cut his belly open and then he cut the head off and put it on his truck. He was smiling too!
Boss: Good god women, the guy's a maniac, we cant have a blood crazy killer roaming the hospital, what will happen if someone bleeds in front of him, he will cut their head off!
Employee: Save us Boss, save us!
Boss: Dont worry, Superboss is here (removes his glasses), let me call the chief of police.
Chief of police: Hey John, are you calling me about your wife beating you again? What? One of your employees is killing people and hes not a doctor! Don't worry, the SWAT team is almost finished playing COD, I will send them right after their coffee break!

You know the rest of the story

Sorry Sim, I hope the situation resolves itself without you doing anything about it, after all your boss and colleagues seem like reasonable people.
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