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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
Sure that sounds like it makes sense... but I wouldn't want, and don't believe it should be right for police or anyone to show up and rip my apartment apart based on photographs or videos on the internet.
This part is the problem, the warrant was issued so yes, they can actually do that. It is not justified to do it because of the reason this all began and that is what he needs to adress to have the domino effect going.

The first part of the problem is the employer. Let's just focus on that for now because everything after that came from it.

Let's look at this using the KISS method :

Is it illegal to talk in a room with other people about getting a PAL?


Is it illegal to be on sick leave and own guns?


On the other hand what is illegal in this story?

This is where legal councel is needed.

Like it's been said before, getting legal councel is the best alternative and being syndicated is one of it's privileges because it's ''FREE'' but only appliable against your workplace.

That part of your paycheck that gets taken away on every pay, this is one of it's benefits so use it. You have representatives so you dont need to learn all those technical terms.


People at my job have been in court versus my employer a couple of times in the past because of an ass wipe boss with the caracter to match.

He lost everytime

Just remember that you can bypass your local representative if you feel that he is being condescendent. Some are corrupt so it's a good idea to go higher if he pushes in the wrong direction.

You are paying to the central, not to him, so your rights have to be enforced.

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