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Originally Posted by elmathy View Post
Also... I am a newbie ... so If you know a Game where I can go with a minimum of stuff ( BDU + google ) and maybe rent or lent a Gun to somebody, it will be cool.
I already check in the Quebec Section, and there is no game schedule right now ...
Probably cause it's like -30C (... fine more like -15C) like it usually is in the east at this time.

Once the season starts up the games should start getting posted up. Also if there's local club/regional forums check those out as well, sometimes games will be posted there and not here.

As for what to get, AEG hands down (unless you're talking about Electric Blow Back..... which sucks a lot). GBBR is fun but the stories about people dumping $1500 plus the cost of the GBBR kind of puts me off on them right now. Not to mention they still sometimes fail and having a design that you know will work 99.99% of the time (AEG) and has been built/developed over a long period of time gives you something that you can switch to if your gun is DOA on the field or fails in the first hour or two of the day.

So, AEG right now then GBBR later when you can scrounge up the money for it. Hell even if you get a Kraken or Broxa then a GBBR that's a pretty good bet since you'll have something "fun" to play with (the GBBR) and if it fails/breaks in the middle of the day you can at least switch to your backup AEG.
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