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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
You tube Videos of him with guns.. newly issued PAL.. nothing on the registry...

So... maybe ... the registry did work? ( that took a lot to type)
Sure that sounds like it makes sense... but I wouldn't want, and don't believe it should be right for police or anyone to show up and rip my apartment apart based on photographs or videos on the internet.

There are pictures of me (and video probably) with guns, I don't have a PAL, so I must be an illegal firearm owner and worth being warranted and searched, yes? You're a PAL holder, who also collects Airsoft guns. Someone sees a picture of you with a, I don't know, big ass gun, say a Barret, an Airsoft Barret, but who could tell? Soccer mom sees this picture of you with the pretend gun, calls the cops because her kid learns karate from you, cops check picture and registry and see you don't have a Barret registered and toss your home and place of business... sound fair? Sounds vaguely familiar too... (I don't know if that was true, it was just an example)

It seems to me that [seemingly] logical steps were skipped. Like using words first and freaking out later.
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