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Well, I'm thinking about this. Like I said, yes, I asked a CSN union worker to represent me on monday. I don't know all my right as a worker and this is why I asked him to be present. All the union workers are with and I'm talking with them as soon as something new happens. And since the beginning. Yes I have in mind to treathen them to sue them, but in fact, I don't have the knowledge and, most important, the money. So I'm asking you, yes now that I "cooperated" with them I became very tired of this game. What can I do? Is there some kind of lawers or ogranism that can help me for free? I'm in a very bad financial situation right now, I'm actualy owning more money than I'm wining in a month, so I really can't pay a lawer. I have the weekend to think about this, I live in Laval/Montreal. Any ideas where to seek juridic conselance for free? Thanks again for your participation!

And yes as soon as I clear my debts I'm quiting this job. Actualy it's my financial situation that hold me there, nothing else.

And thanks for the kinds words. Yes I'm playing it cool. But I can't say that I'm not very tired and that it takes some physical tone on me.

No one speaked with me before. Actualy they played very cheap. I was, as I said, in "un arręt de travail" a medical week off. They told me to see my doctor to have a paper to go back to work. I did, and as soon as I finished saying those words, they told me: ok. We refused your coming back. You must see a medical psy to come back because of some disturbing videos. Tomorrow.

It all went very fast, 2 days in total begining from the "we refused" to the "you are under arrested" to now.

I'm trying to sort everything out and I appreciated your help, even if most of you are finding me too calm and soft

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