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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
It's because I took a week of, after going to see the doctor to have a valid paper, and it was because I was stressed out of work and tired. They already knew that I was talking with a coworker about getting a PAL and going to a that I wanted to go to a shooting range and buy a firearm. We always talked together openly about it because we never thought we were doing any harms. But because I took a week off, they start to wonder If it was a depression or a serious mental hillness that, with the fact that they heard about me receiving my pal and saw that I had video of me hodling what was things looking "like fireharms", they concluded that I was in a desesperate state of mind while having many real firearms at my place and so that I was a danger for myself and theirself (since there was just a shooting in the state that happened the same week). This is why my workplace called the cop. The cop had the informations that follow: distress mental state + PAL + highly possibilities of owning many prohibited firearms shown in the video. The inspector told me that there was enough of a doubt to have a warrant from the judge.
Did anyone speak with you before they figured that you were a danger to anyone? Or did they perform a little bit of armchair detective work, and decide to call the cops believing they knew something? Something which turned out to be wrong, by the way.

How can you just accept that other people can say they think you're depressed and a danger to yourself or others and that will result in you coming home to find cops tossing your pad, and you spending an evening in a cell?!

It's cool that you're not mad at the cops for just doing their job, but how in the fuck can you accept the behavior of the people you work with?

What evidence did they have that you were in an unstable state of mind?

Did any professional psychologist declare you to be in an unfit state of mind?

Obviously you're not, because anyone who was wouldn't put up with this. But what evidence did your coworkers have of that.

Oh if only there was some kind of... I don't know... list... or registry... of who had what firearms, so that the cops could just look at that and determine that the person they've received a call about does not in fact, own any firearms.
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