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The reputation where I work is not important. It's a secondary 5 max job. Everyone there is very weird and most of them do not walk straight in front of law. We are talking of a place where we offenly have people stealing narcotics and letting they seringes lying in the bathrooms. I don't want to say that it's a getho but it's not the cleanest place. I have no intention of staying there for long. I don't care what they will think when seeing me. I never cared before, I don't see why I would care now. All I want is no written traces left behind. And it's a point I want to make clear monday. I don't want anything to pop up when I'll applied for my next job.

And I wasn't fingerprinted and I have no casefiles left at all. If I can't take the words of an inspector well, sorry world we live in. They told me one week for my gun, I'll wait one week. Benefice of the doubt. I'll question after. Tell me that I'm na´ve but it's my first experience with that (and hopefuly my last) and I place my faith first and see after. I'll see if I'm deceived.

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