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Well, in my opinion, your reaction to this is along the same lines of a woman that was raped and then says "It's ok. It was my fault because I dressed too sexy". You haven't even started seeing the repercussions of this yet.

You realize that this will irreparably harm your personal reputation. It doesn't matter that they found "everything is ok". Your coworkers will never see you the same again. Your personal and professional reputations have been tarnished. And there's a good chance that your PAL probably won't be returned. CFOs will permanently revoke and place lifetime bans on people at the slightest excuse. There's also a possibility you won't see the guns that were seized "for testing" ever again either.

In the end, it's up to you with what you wish to do, but I'd be fighting this tooth and nail. Not to get money out of it, but to have a formal apology issued from my employer, and be fighting to get my illegally seized property back.
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