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Yeah, I've resisted the urge to chime in... but... dude, did you bump your head when they put you in a cruiser?

Do you even own a real firearm? I understand you have your PAL, but are you actually a firearm owner yet?

It's one thing for your employers or co-workers to have questions for you, and to ask you how you're doing, or if you're stressed, but it is quite another for them to go overboard like this. Calling the police, having your home tossed and searched, being pulled in for mandatory psych eval sessions and meetings with the boss "regarding the events" is too much. They've overstepped their bounds.

If they were concerned about you, they should have spoken to you. Directly to you. First. Your boss, or co-worker (upon realizing they believe you to be depressed) should have walked up to you, and said "Hey, how are you doing? You ok? You seem down. You want to talk about anything?" That I can understand. That is a fair first step. If there is a resident psychologist they should have asked him to speak with you informally before going this far.

It's good that you're keeping a level head through this, but frankly, there's something wrong with you if you do not feel that your rights and freedoms have been utterly raped.

Speak up. Make noise. Do NOT let this slide. This will become more important than just you. This will set precedent that others across the country will try to replicate if you let it.

Fight this.
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