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To add to fly statement they do need to have warrant to enter your home without your consent but if they ask and you say yes then they can. As long as you say yes they can search anything they please.

This actually happens a lot. Police walk up to your door and ask may I see your fire arms and then some people go "ok" without thinking. Crafty ones go "May we speak to you?" then they ask "may we come inside?". Anything they see in plain view can be use as evidence or at least to get a speedy warrent or they can skip the warrant if they believe the evidence will be destroyed before they can get one.

I did a few law enforcement classes in college with a retired RCMP member. It was every interesting and tricky to see what a police person can and can't do. They have a hard job and everything changes on them over the years.

In this gentleman's case I'm willing to bet the law enforcement group will say that the You tube video is public domain and therefore "in plain view". They will come to his house and ask to see the gun if he does not let them they will go for a warrant. They will have easy grounds for a warrant that this gentleman has a gun which he does not have the proper releases from the govt to have, the proof will be the video. They will be wrong of course but they will play it safe and make sure it's a airsoft gun. The gun might be sent off for testing by the same guys the CBSA uses.

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