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Originally Posted by Death March View Post
What some people don't seem to know is that once you have a PAL/firearms permit the Police can knock on your door at 2am without reason and ask to see you guns,ammo and how you store them.It's one of your right's you give up once you have your PAL.or firearm.
Actually, NO THEY CANNOT, unless they've obtained a warrant for entry/search. Only a CFO or a firearms officer appointed to the CFO office and NOT A POLICE OFFICER may enter and inspect firearms stored within a dwelling house without a warrant, and then only at such a time which is convenient - meaning prior request made to home owner and consented to. Just because you have a PAL or RPAL, does not mean the police have carte blanche to enter and search. Before inadvertantly spreading such false rumors, I strongly suggest you re-read both the Criminal Code of Canada, and the Firearms Act and educate yourself regarding the law.

NO WARRANT = NO ENTRY, PERIOD. And, to get a warrant for a dwelling house isn't that simple because there's significant Charter implications to go along with violating one's right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable search. No sane judge or JP will grant such a warrant either without clear evidence / probable cause provided by the police.


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