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That is what the registry is for
It reminds me about the cop that ask me why I didn't register my M14... I already talked about this register to my workplace, but most people are ignorant and so once they are scared they stop listenning. Fear removes all logical senses. Sadly. I'm more calm now. I contact my union, it was the first thing I did. Of course at 18h00pm I only left a message but I'll talk to them first hand tomorrow morning and I may ask my representative CSN worker to come with me to this "friendly goûter". I know them, they are sly, they won't excuse themselve but will mostly ask me to not talk about this case and I'm pretty sure they'll say something like: ok, after discussing about it, we will let you the chance to come back on condition of you stop talking about firearms while being at the hospital. I'll keep the "I'll sue you" as last ammo. Now I'm pumped on adrenaline anytime I think about it.

Thanks as always! I read all! I'm not familiar at all with laws, lawers and sueing so this is why I don't put amphasis on this now. I never had any lawer. I also don't have money, I'm seriously in debts so if I can get everything back as I want (not as they want) without going the juridic way I'll be happy.
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