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I think just for the fact that airsoft is so taboo and unknown u should pursue this legally because now your not just fighting for yourself you would be fighting for all legal airsoft owners out there and I cant see things going back to normal at your workplace after all this mess.

I know they have been recently changing the laws for airsoft in canada but I think airsoft has reached a pinnacle point it needs to become as open as paintball is, it needs more exposure so incidents like this do not reoccur or at least are a very minimal.

These are just my thoughts but I love this sport I will never give it up and if I was in your position I would use this incident to not just help myself but the entire airsoft community.

I was shocked to read you were arrested and I can imagine how things were with your girl friend and I want you to know that you have a large number of the airsoft community supporting you regardless of what you do.
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