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Originally Posted by c3sk View Post
Talk to a lawyer.
Don't have one? Get one.
Sue, or don't sue, Whatever the case may be.. Seek counsel.

Regardless of what anyone here says, you should speak to professional legal counsel about exactly what happened, it is your right to do so. They will advise you.

Exactly it is in YOUR best interest to retain proper legal advice for your own protection. Even if you dont want to sue you should hear what a professional criminal/civil lawyer has to say. The police may seem like they are being friendly and everything us fine but they may just be giving you enough rope to hang yourself... Furthermore they overreacted and may just try and reasonably explain their over reaction but the their action were NOT justifiable or LEGAL!!

In any case it is your move but proceed with caution, this may still not be as resolved as you are being led to believe.. Also just because you were not charged there will still be a record of your " interaction" with the police and this will not go away. You have to ask that you see all records related to this incident and have them destroyed as well as your fingerprints!!! If you don't they will be kept on file...

As for your employer you may sympathize with their reasononing but it doesn't make them right! I'm sure there have been any number of shooters from all kinds of demographics that doesn't mean that a 22 year old with a gun needs to see a shrink... Or anyone who reads Catcher in the Rye will become obsessed with and shoot a celebrity or whatever... They need probable cause... And just because you have a PAL does not give the police grounds to search your home. They CAN come to your door and ask to see your firearms, where they are stored, and where your ammo is but they can't SEARCH your entire residence... Furthermore just because you have a PAL doesnt mean you own a firearm... That is what the registry is for!!(I know let's not start on the registry) but if someone goes to the trouble to obtain a PAL why buy an illegal gun...

Anyways play it safe get counsel, be careful and do what you think is best.
I hope everything works out for the best!

*here is my disclaimer I know in some of my posts in this thread I've seemed overly lawyer happy and provided confrontational advice I did not do so lightly and when dealing with the government and police you must exercise your rights to the max. I work for the federal government and i have seen things happen and you better believe that there are many people working their side so it is best to make sure you are careful and have someone who has YOUR best interest in mind* my advice would have been different if this was a private company or individual or some other set of circumstances
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