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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Well at least thing move. I already have an appointment at my workplace monday to "talk about the events that happened". Well, I'm not angry at all agains't the cop that are respectfuly doing their job (and I said that I bought everything from Torontoairsoft, wich is also true) but I'm very, very tired about all this "tabou" about my personnal and private life that in no way at all is related to my job and that now too much people know.

Yes I talked openly about my getting my pal, since I did everything with one of my coworker that just go it also. This is why we talked about it at my worplace, prepared for class and everything!
Talk to a lawyer.
Don't have one? Get one.
Sue, or don't sue, Whatever the case may be.. Seek counsel.

Regardless of what anyone here says, you should speak to professional legal counsel about exactly what happened, it is your right to do so. They will advise you.
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