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Ok. When they ask me for the registration, at this step, they didn't know yet that it wasn't a real M14. They knew it after. I understand about pursue. I don't think I actually have the mind set on that. I would like to talk first to the responsables (my boss, the administrators etc) to clear things like "why?"

No police record at all. Charge was droped immediatly after the search at my appartement. I have nothing to do. Only to wait for 2 things: having my gun back in the same state as before (and this may change my mind, if they bring it back with scratchs and/or broken part, I'll sure won't let it pass and see what are my actions. But if it comes back as clean as it was as the inspector promise me, I'll be happy.) Second things is to wait for the SQ to send me the paper about this situation and I guess I'll have to fill questions of all sorts.

So this is it for now. But I'm still not in shape, I didn't sleep well, I'm still stressed about it. My mind will get clearer tomorrow. Thanks again guys for all your great supports!

I forgot to mention a fact. My girlfriend told me that when they saw the fake silencer they freak out and were sure it was a real one. But their was a gun expert with them. This guy was the only one allow to touch my gun and immediatly after touching the silencer said it was not a real one. But I'm sure it's the second thing they'll chek after the gun. They didn't like that accessory at all.

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