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You'll get your pal back but I'm fairly sure it'll be flagged by the CFC the next time your purchase a firearm. That means when and if you try to purchase a gun, you will be required to contact your provinces CFO office. I've seen it happen far to many times.

Your employer still over stepped their bounds and invaded your privacy. Whether you want to pursue action against them is totally up to you but
think about this, every time something like this happens and the victim in the situation doesn't pursue their rightful course of action it leaves the employer open to repeating the same thing again with someone else without the fear of reprucusion.
Also, when the police started asking you about your airsoft guns and why they weren't registered...they should have known upon immediate inspection that the guns were not real, hence why they weren't registered.

I'd still talk to a lawyer and union rep regarding all this and pursue action against your employer.
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