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Listen, I wanted to share this story with you to know about your opinion. Personnaly I think that what I'm doing after this is right with me. I always been in good faith. I deleted the videos only with good faith, they never told me to do so. I'm not a lawer and I couln't refer you to any number of article of law about this. I'm only happy that it end well. Everyone would react in a different way. All I want now is to know that my girlfriend wasn't scare and mad about this. This is my priority. My name is already cleaned at the hospital. So for now I'll let this go because I was already stressed out before and now I must relax and calm down to the days to come. Oh, and of course I really want my M14 back. They told me that it wouldn't be damage or scratch but I want to see it with my eyes. It's a 600$ scratch free brand new EBR kit and I want it back that way. I also want to know what will happen to my pal license. Except that I'm very fine, still have free paid days.
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