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Well, I took lessons to have my PAL and one of our teacher told us that anyone at anytime can call the police and say, for exemple: my corworker seem depressed to me and I know that he have weapons at home. I fear for his life.

After saying this, the cops have the right, what means that there is a law, to go seized all the weapons and ask the guy to go se a psychiatrist.

This is what I learned for having my pal. So from there I can't tell that they overpassed anything because my sistuation is similar. I did took a week off because I was stressed out of work. And this is because of this week off that, as I said, people start wondering If I was depressive and if I have guns, they were fearing for my life (and theirs) etc. So for now I still (well I'm still under adrenaline shock) think it was ok. I don't want problems, like they told me, I did absolutly nothing wrong. For me, I have removed the video not only for the cops but as good faith for my workplace also.

This is the way I think now ^^
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