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Thanks guys. But I'm not here to fight againt's what happended. Their is a law now exactly meant for those kind of situation and it was in their right to arrested me first and search after. They told me it was my workplace that called them about some employees that where questionning the fact that there was those videos on youtube, that I just received my PAL and that I was sick for a week. The inspector told me that they were thinking that I had some kind of big depression (rumors) and they feared for my life and their lifes. So this is why the administrators at Jean-Talon told the police that I was going to an interview with a psychiatrist and that they could arrested me after it. The fact is that they where really, really thinking that all those airsofts where guns, they where even asking me questions like: why didn't you register your M14? (me: it's an airsoft, I can't register it). And: what caliber is this M14, .223? (me: it's an airgun, that's 6mm plastic bbs... and (in my head: it's .308 by the way).

But they still where all very correct and after they found ou that their was in fact no evidence at all about me hidding firearms they were gery gentle, cool, explained me everything, explained that with everything that is going with mass murderer putting pictures on facebook and video on youtube, the law was with them to act first. They aslo told me that I didn't do anything wrong. That every video was right, that it was my right to have them and to show them.

By they way, they also seized my pal and they'll ask the GRC to do other search to see if they give it back to me

But I'll ask the instpector that is coming today to look at the 5.7j. I find it's very important to know about that ^^

Thx for all your supports threw this!

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