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OK.... At first I was like, I'll give your workplace the benefit of the doubt (and not be a dick and litigate, ie. if you twist your ankle at someones private airsoft field you don't sue them, you just say tough luck I should have been more careful (unless the field was super unsafe with gopher holes everywhere to begin with)) but they've proven over and over again that they're really gunning for you and you've pretty much got cross hairs trained on you.

How are you as an employee though? Are you someone who has to shoulder the deadweight of the hospital? Someone who does their job no more no less? or what? If you're gone then they might really be screwed, sure you can be replaced but experience is experienced and some fresh kid coming out of school or whatever probably doesn't have the same built up expertise as you.

But I digress. What you probably need to do now is litigate, litigate, litigate. There is no other way really. You need to fight fire with fire and show them you're not going to be stepped on like a door mat. Draft up a professional complaint letter and send it via registered mail and make sure that it's received by the ADDRESSEE ONLY, include things like these matters are to be kept confidential and not leaked to personnel who have nothing to do with this or third parties unless there is a GOOD reason as is your right to confidentiality and once this is done and over with you don't want anything detrimental placed on your employment records or you WILL litigate for slander/libel/perjury (false statements placed on your employment record). Also since there is a record of the letter being accepted this is their final warning to cut the bullshit and do things properly or you will involve the courts/human rights commission (or whoever deals with workplace stuff like this).

Also from the sounds of the case, the police were involved prematurely so someone is definitely trying to get rid of you any way possible. I'm sure that they keep a record of these calls and such and you should see if you can get to the bottom of who's trying to ruin your life.

PS: Maybe you could get a "green card" from your doctor if you're stressed out enough.
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