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Originally Posted by jamuke View Post
If you are lucky, it was your employer who called the police.
You can live the American dream.
Litigate and never work again.

Of course it was the employer who called who else had knowledge if this incident?? Even if it wasn't the employer these are personelle issues and are to be kept confidential no matter what, so again your employer has violated your rights and acted inappropriately even if it was a third party who actually called the police, if they got the info from your employer. Also sounds like a coworker may be gunning for you, probably whoever had prior knowledge of your YouTube videos. And when you didn't get shit after the psych exam tried a different angle to get you.

My advice is do not let this slide and the first thing you should do when you go in is talk to your union rep. If you work a day or two then your whole stress angle could be blown. So talk to your rep, then go home sick, see your doctor and get legal representation.

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