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That sucks sorry to hear about your troubles... I would definately contact your union rep and tell them what happened since it was likely your employer that called the police... Also I would push for that stress leave now.... And tell the union you want to talk to a lawyer. Based on what grounds did the police obtain their warrant? Did you get a copy of it? Tell your union you want a lawyer and tell your employer that you are taking time off!! Get to your doctor and explain what has been happening... It sounds like someone you work for is doing everything they can to make your life difficult... Remember to stress that everything has been sorted out, that you've broken no laws and that if you look for a new job and ANY of this is brought up you will sue the hospital and your manager will be named PERSONALLY in the suit along with the hospital!

Again sorry for your troubles and I hope that everything works out for the best and that you get your stuff back...
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