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Well if that is the case have a union rep present as is your right. Cooperate but do not offer anything beyond what is asked. Answer as simply and shortly as you can. Talk to you doctor about a stress leave. Tell him you feel targeted and harassed. That it is a toxic hostile work environment and that there frivolous and vexatious accusations have caused irreparable harm to your reputation and has caused you to suffer undue stress. Take the paid leave and find a better job. Also tell them after you are cleared that there is to be no record of what transpired and that if anybody is told about it it is a violation of privacy as well as a breach of confidentiality and that it is slander and libel as well as a defamation of character.

Fuck them and protect yourself there may be more going on then you know. Exercise all of your rights to the maximum and always have a representative with you.
Best of luck

Yeah, I agree with this, especially with the part of defamation since reputation plays a big role..., and the attempt to make you feel guilty when there is nothing to be guilty about is too stressful, and deserves compensation...
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