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If you want my opinion, afterwards don't be so quick to take a flamethrower to the bridges. Maybe pour some gasoline and hold a lighter up (figuratively) but don't just indiscriminately burn the bridges. Remember word in any industry travels fast (especially in the IT sector because if they want to find something they will, which is why I have such restrictive policies on my facebook account and try to present myself as a well groomed and well mannered professional at all times where my name is attached to things). Also you kind of need to leave on good terms in order to find a job elsewhere.

So, what do you do. You protect yourself of course. Keeping a record of all documents that you receive and a record of any conversations having to do with your situation is also a good idea (I know in the US they have 1 and 2 party consent for recordings, not sure what Canadas laws are regarding that but ask the shrink if you can record the conversation and to forward you their notes once compiled). Keep pen and paper on you at all times to take notes (Just like in Hot Fuzz, your "field notes" are gold if you find yourself in a courtroom so you're not relying on memory but can reference something you physically wrote down (primary evidence) as things were happening).
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