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Sim, I'm gunna speak from experience, because not all of this is the company's fault and you do carry some of the burden as well.

My father used to manage a school dormitory a while ago, and sometimes I helped him.

Usually when a person comes to "rat" someone out, it's because they don't like that person for some reason, and usually they don't have a very good connection with them(Either they outright just don't know the person, or have had personal disagreements).

One time we had a 19 year old college student who was clearly mentally disturbed. And he would scream at random times, bring a pregnant girlfriend to the dorm, and whatnot. In general he was just trouble, and everybody around the dorm was just scared that he might become violent and possibly hurt someone. But we couldn't legally evict him because there wasn't any "solid" proof.

You see where I'm getting at?

People around you at work may have felt that their personal safety may be compromised. I'm not saying that you are a mentally disturbed person, or that I'm prejudice against you for any reason, but usually these "fearful" people have no connection with you. And sort of just imagine you being a dangerous stranger, however safe you believe yourself to be. People just don't want to take chances with their lives.

I know I don't.

So you need to really get to know your other co-workers personally. It's a way of implicitly telling them that 'I'm not a bad person'.

If I don't know you personally, and if all the image of you I get are from bad rumours and disturbing youtube videos, can you blame me when I think that you are a dangerous person? Of course not.

It's like getting a job. Employers sometimes search you up on Facebook and look at your pictures to judge what sort of person you are. Obviously if you have a pic of yourself getting piss drunk, it's not going to end well for you.

What you do online will affect real life interactions, you need to understand this. And from seeing your other threads, why do you have your Airsoft guns shooting so hot? They're all like 500+ FPS, even AEGs....?

By the way your boss won't just hire a psychiatrist just because you posted videos with guns. Sane people have guns, obviously. HE MUST NOT HAVE A GOOD IMPRESSION OF YOU IN REAL LIFE EITHER if he automatically sent you to therapy. People don't send others to therapy unless they have real good reason to believe that you are mentally ill.

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