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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post
Can I work for you? lol
EDIT: Waiiiiit a sec... Your the dude who paid for my MCdeez after Splatters right?!
Yup.. that's me. We'll talk more about it at a game one day.

Originally Posted by teriases View Post
WTF? Where do u work? Lol... Sounds like a fun(if not a bit dangerous) place!
I work for a video game development studio. We use all of the weapons as props for our animation team so they understand the working mechanics of the weapons as well as the characters animations while having the weapon in what ever position they would like.

Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Ok thanks! For rumors you can't imagine how bad it is where I work. A friend told me that I was absent of work because I was licensed after charge of stealing meds in the meal plate etc. It's a rumors working mill. Mostly old ladies that work there for way too long. Ok for the copies, I'll make them. My doc is not aware of this. I think I'll let the psy talk and see where he want to go with his questions. I'm not very rich to see a lawer and not very use too. I'll look what I can do
Most importantly just play it cool. No need to get upset with them or anything about it. Outside looking in is hard to determine if it is real or not because many people cannot distinguish the difference between real and fake guns and rifles.

However if the people you work for end up making such a stink about it such as rumors, or they end up laying you off (worst case scenario) it will be necessary for you to keep that video up on YouTube as well as the photocopied documents you receive. In an instance like this they are just playing it safe for you and everyone else in the company.

Sure you as well as many other on here may not agree, but remember it's a precaution thinking that you could potentially go postal in the company.
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