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Thank you for all your feedbacks and advices! Very appreciated! I have everything written on paper, I was looking for the post saying it but I don't find it so yes I received everything written on paper by express courrier. I'll talk the most frankly I can to the psychiatrist. I don't think hes has the comptence to know what an airsoft is but I'll explain. If they want me to removed the video I will but I'll also say that I thought I had the expression liberty to post them. At least I'll know of far those thing can get you.
Make copies of everything they sent you. And put it somewhere for safe keeing. I hate to say this but this will follow you around for a while, even after psychiatrist tells them that they are idiots. Rumors will start and grow about the situation. After you have seen the head doc, go see a lawyer on your own time and discuss the situation with him/her. Don't let the hospital know you have contacted a lawyer.
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