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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Hi guys, I was sick and I was supposed to go working back tomorrow from a week of hillness brake. I'm working at Hopital Jean-Talon in Montréal but I was informed that now I'm not allowed by law to enter this Hopital without being escorted by security and that my presence is now consider dangerous. I'm must go see a psychiatrist tomorrow that will declare if I represent a danger to my coworkers.

That is happenning because of my youtube videos where I show my arisoftguns. I thought that it was legal to show those kind of video where I always explain that these are not real rifles, that they are hobbies etc.

Wht do you think?
Je pense que tu drevais faire un grief. C'est de la discrimination, sans comper de ton image publique qui est salit. Escorter pas la securité...ça va partir la machine a rumeur c sur.

Faut ben que ca serve a quelque chose un syndicat. Qu'ils te defendent sti!
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