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Ok this might not be on topic completely but for instance:

If u are plinking in ur own home, say in an apartment. Someone from another building was doing some leisure "spying" with a set of binoculars and happens to see you by chance thru a small opening between blinds, putting away a gun(not shooting it, but just putting it away in a case).

They call the cops on u. Could u sue that person for invasion of privacy?

Just thinking because of what was mention that ur careful not to be noisy and attract panic while working on airsoft. Even if ur careful, if someone is spying on u on purpose, they can see the airsoft guns.

Same thing for houses. If ur plinking or working on airsoft in the basement, ur neighbor walks by the basement window and took a peek because he was "curious" and saw the shit load of airsoft, panics and calls the cops... U get the jive...

*add* u can kinda think of the YouTube videos like "windows" to ur private life. Those videos are for Sim's own enjoyment and his friends. Like a windows in real life anyone can walk up and look and just "assume".

But then taping the windows etc might not be a good idea? It's like what's said sometimes if u hide something people panic more...

*ps* didn't someone in US got charged for indecent exposure for being naked in his own home because someone was spying and walked passed his house...?
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