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Well, my videos are on youtube so everyone can look at them. A couple of my coworkers know that I love to collect airsoft guns. But it's a small place, everyone talk, I guess everything someone says is disformed. Even after stating all about it being airsoft guns, surely someone that don't know me that much saw the videos and because of, well there was a killing not long ago and they talked a lot about it in the media etc.

But I told them that I didn't have any weapon, that they can look in the firearms register with the GRC. But they don't seem to want to go that far. They stopped at: there are youtube videos of my with guns (something that looks like it).

I won't play any game with the psychiatrist tomorrow, I'll explain to him that what I collect are the same things as you can buy at canadian tire/wallmart etc. But I will go with what they say and if they tell to remove them, I will, no problem. I understand the situation with mass killers.

I would have love something a bit less harder, like: Simon, we hear that people says that there are disturbing video of you on youtube and we would appreciate that you remove them. I would have, no problem, ask gently.

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