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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Hi guys, I was sick and I was supposed to go working back tomorrow from a week of hillness brake. I'm working at Hopital Jean-Talon in Montréal but I was informed that now I'm not allowed by law to enter this Hopital without being escorted by security and that my presence is now consider dangerous. I'm must go see a psychiatrist tomorrow that will declare if I represent a danger to my coworkers.

That is happenning because of my youtube videos where I show my arisoftguns. I thought that it was legal to show those kind of video where I always explain that these are not real rifles, that they are hobbies etc.

Wht do you think?
Well, it sure is weird, I mean I know that my Facebook profile can be checked by anybody, but not my youtube videos ????

Man, this sure is weird, didn't know that having airsoft is a disease ???
If the all the people who had guns had to be seen by an psychiatrist for their jobs, it would be a mess !

That's just weird, you shouldn't have problems with the psychiatrist, just explain him, he's not stupid heh !

Argh, I'm having a headache because of this, dang, that's a bit F?&%ed up !!!
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