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Hi everybody,

I'm Math, 24 year old, live in Bécancour ( just beside Trois-Rivières ) and currently working for an ISP as a Network Admin.

This said...

I'm a newbie in Airsoft ... I'm been looking for info for a couple months, but don't really have the time ( or take the time ) to post on ASC and go to a game ... and currently I don't know anybody that play airsoft... So maybe I can know somebody on this site to start playing...

This year I would like to close my PC and start playing for true. I don't currently own a gun, but will soon contact SHaKaL or Deadpool to be age verified and start shopping

Maybe would like to try the sport before to invest to mutch, but don't know any airsofter ... It will be cool if I can assis a game near or far Trois-Rivieres Area to see how a game day is !
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