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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Hes 15 guys... Move on.
Dude, even if he's 15, I wouldn't care, at least the OP was formatted in a coherent way with proper grammar. I would actually give him a chance.

OP: I would go for the KWA. I have the KSC Glock 19 and KSC Mk. 23 myself, (KWA used to be a subsidiary before the companies split) awesome guns (except my Mk.23 which I'm the third owner of, and it's missing the slide catch, remedied by a nail to hold the slide.... but I will purchase a real slide catch from KWA once the KWA "Specwar" comes out).

Honestly though if I had more money I would spring for a TM but fact of the matter is that I'm a student (on an international exchange at that) and I can't justify spending money on a TM pistol so KSC/KWA is a pretty good second bet, and since they're used as secondaries anyways I'm quite happy with the performance. Now if I was rocking it as a primary then it would suck a lot of balls given it's accuracy and all that but as a secondary/backup pistol it's perfect.

TL;DR version: I'm quite happy with my KSC (Marketed as KWA for US/UK markets). The relationship is kind of complicated but know that KSC/KWA use the exact same parts and used to be the same company before KWA splintered off and started doing production by themselves.
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