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Mine came in the mail today. So far, initial unboxing and feel is pretty spectacular. Jeff at Capital Airsoft was kind enough to throw in an unopened Element 125m spring, so off the bat: a big plus one to Capital Airsoft.

I have not had a chance to fire a round through it. Dry firing, it is a reasonable pull on the bolt to bring it back, but I'm not straining by any means, and to be honest, I was expecting way worst. The trigger is surprising light. To the point where I would be worried about pulling it by accident. Luckily the safety is rock solid and a pleasure to engage.

The gun's weight is solid, according to CP the package is 4.5kg (10lbs) and I'd say 99% of that is gun. With a scope mounted it's an easy 10 pounds. The stock is really impressive, definitely the best plastic I've seen on a "cheap" gun. As a pet peeve, the grip is a bit wide, but I'm an Armalite user, so I'm probably just being a pansy.

Overall, there is 0 wobble from this gun. It is a rock. There is also no clangs or dings when you shake it. All of the sling hardware is pretty solid, though I just don't trust airsoft sling mounts, and I will be finding an alternative mounting solution (such as Blue Force gear or the like).

One of my intentions with this rifle is to make it dead quiet. (Accuracy is important, but the only thing I will tinker with on this brand new rifle is re lubing it properly.) There is a definite "clang" from the mainspring when firing dry. I will let you know the sound when firing live later this week.

The stock sounds filled, I don't believe there is much in the way of a cavity other than that of the stock extension. I will likely build or buy an attachable cheek rest once the gun has proven it can shoot straight.

As with all of the reviews I've read, the mags ARE shit. I haven't fired one, but I can see it's lifespan dwindling as it sits in the box... Brittle plastic, clunky mechanism. They fit INTO the rifle easy enough, and they pop out as intended. I just believe I will break them in my pocket before I get to shoot anything...

I'll do a full review when I have the time (and don't hurt so much from conditioning) when I learn to clean the gun.

Also, as a plus, the hop seems to adjust rather well, but I am worried about breaking the slider... it doesn't seem to be the strongest part on the gun... Though it DOES click nicely at every notch.

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