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Originally Posted by Tango7 View Post
I used to wear 5.11's. Comfortable and lightweight. Went through one pair every 6 months or so. Maybe a little longer.

Coworker wears magnums. Goes through one pair every 3 months and hates them. He's currently looking for another brand to try.

I am currently trying Original swats. I like them so far. 6 months on them and still going. Had a definite break in period for me (one to two weeks).

I also have a pair of Matterhorn that I've had for years. Replaced the sole and still good to go. Not really a "running shoe" build and has no side zip option though. I imagine Danners are about equivalent as another of my co workers wears them and they look very similar.
How did he go through a pair of Magnum's in 3 months? I've had two pairs and they have each lasted me 2 years or more. I wore the sole's out on the first ones so i replaced em. The soles are pretty much toast on my current pair so im gonna have to replace em now. I hate Original SWAT. I hate the look and the laces. Ive heard mixed reviews about em.

Ive seen the Matterhorn boots and ive been curious to try them. Corcoran boots are made by the same people i think. They have a Paratrooper boot i like.
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